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Easy to use – you’ll be amazed how easily you can set up your virtual data center using our graphical user interface Data Center Designer (DCD). Network tables and hours or days of cabling are now a thing of the past. In the DCD, you just very simply pull the components you require (server, storage etc.) via drag & drop to their position and configure them. You then plot the network using the mouse.

ב-ProfitBricks Cloud Computing – How it Works | ProfitBricks.

The solution is called ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling (LVS). Using LVS, you can fine-tune your resources (cores, RAM) in your virtual data center to your requirements during regular operation, in other words, you achievemore performance at the touch of a button. And the server won’t be shut down for even one second. This flexibility gives you the leeway to fully utilize your business at all times to maximize your profits.

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