Moodle plugins directory: Graylog Logstore

Logstore plugin for moodle to ship logs to graylog or other log backends which supports the GELF format. This plugin requires that you have a working Graylog node. Open source Graylog can be downloaded for free from Transport protocols TCP and UDP are supported.

Log timestamp in Graylog is directly taken from moodle log entry’s timecreated. Useful when importing logs from moodle to graylog in a live moodle installation.

The array in other column in standard logstore is sent as a JSON string as of now. Users can use the “JSON Extractor” feature of Graylog in the other field to store them as separate fields in Graylog.

מקור: Moodle plugins directory: Graylog Logstore

Installing Graylog on CentOS


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