Netflix/dynomite: A generic master-master dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines – Redis and Memcached

As the request goes through a Dynomite node, the data gets replicated and eventually stored in the target storage. The data can then be read back either through Dynomite or directly from the underlying storage’s API.

Dynomite and the target storage engine run on the same node. Clients connect to Dynomite, and requests are proxied to either the storage engine on the same node or to Dynomite processes running on other nodes.

Dynomite, inspired by Dynamo whitepaper, is a thin, distributed dynamo layer for different storage engines and protocols. Currently these include Redis and Memcached. Dynomite supports multi-datacenter replication and is designed for high availability.

The ultimate goal with Dynomite is to be able to implement high availability and cross-datacenter replication on storage engines that do not inherently provide that functionality. The implementation is efficient, not complex (few moving parts), and highly performant.

מקור: Netflix/dynomite: A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines

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