Moodle BitNami Cloud Hosting

אחסון שרת מוודל פרטי בענן (בקליק!)

Host your own Moodle server in the cloud

  • Easy to use one-click deployment
  • Automatic Backups and monitoring
  • Scale up or down as needed

Launch Free Server Now (It’s free and it takes 1 minute!)

BitNami Cloud Images extend stack appliances to run in a cloud computing environment. You can run BitNami applications on a pay-as-you-go basis, programmatically starting and stopping them. BitNami Cloud Images are currently available for Windows Azure and Amazon EC2, with support for additional cloud environments planned for the future. In addition to providing free, ready to deploy Cloud Images, we also offer BitNami Cloud Hosting, a subscription service that simplifies the process of deploying and managing open source applications to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. You can sign up for our free tier and learn more on the BitNami Cloud Hosting website.

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