Eliademy – Android Apps גישה לקורסים במוודל בעזרת יישום למכשיריי אנדרואיד

* Studying anywhere, anytime. Students can study course content while commuting, idling or even on holidays.

* Checking university schedule on the go. Catch up with lecture schedules, assignment deadlines and reading or video-lecture consumption.

* Collaborative discussion on your mobile phone with coursemates and instructors

* Staying up to date with any changes such as course cancellation, room change, new instructions from instructor

Eliademy is also compatible with Moodle LMS. Existing Moodle users can purchase compatibility update which will allow singing in to LMS just by providing university name and credentials. Also application can be used for free user know Moodle site URL. Please note, application is compatible with Moodle 2.2+ and requires web services to be enabled.

פורסם ב-Eliademy – Android Apps on Google Play.

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