SQL Fiddle

SQL Fiddle. How does it work? The Schema DDL that is provided is used to generate a private database on the fly. If anything is changed in your DDL (even a single space!), then you will be prompted to generate a new schema and will be operating in a new database.  All SQL queries are run within a transaction that gets immediately rolled-back after the SQL executes. This is so that the underlying database structure does not change from query to query, which makes it possible to share anonymously online with any number of users (each of whom may be writing queries in the same shared database, potentially modifying the structure and thus — if not for the rollback — each other’s results).  As you create schemas and write queries, unique URLs that refer to your particular schema and query will be visible in your address bar. You can share these with anyone, and they will be able to see what you’ve done so far. You will also be able to use your normal browser functions like ‘back’, ‘forward’, and ‘reload’, and you will see the various stages of your work, as you would expect.


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