Upcoming Theme: Elegance from @Moodleman | Moodle News

Julian Ridden is at it again and the prototype is really an amazing looking theme. Essential theme has taken Moodle sites by storm (and I’ve seen more than a few sites adopt and modify it to create a really awesome looking course site) and Elegance could follow closely in its footsteps. The theme has not been officially released but you can follow the thread at Moodle.org and track the progress to date.

A few notes:

The theme is built on Bootstrap 3.0 (the latest framework) and is responsive

It has a cool “tiles” which represent course resources and activities (rather than the standard links)

Something similar to the Moodle 2.7 navigation is included for easy access to user preferences, settings, messages

There’s a redesigned “MyMoodle” page

פורסם ב-Upcoming Theme: Elegance from @Moodleman | Moodle News.

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