Eliademy (works with Moodle) – Android Apps on Google Play

Eliademy mobile application is an extension of Eliademy, free online classroom for instructors to create, share and manage educational content with students.


* Access course content anytime anywhere

* Receive notifications about activities of teacher or other students * Catch up with upcoming, due and completed tasks, instructions etc

* Collaborate with co-students and instructors through an interactive forum

* See what you should do right now or later for your course activities Eliademy is also compatible with Moodle LMS. Existing Moodle users can purchase compatibility update which will allow singing in to LMS just by providing university name and credentials. Also application can be used for free user know Moodle site URL. Please note, application is compatible with Moodle 2.2 and later versions, but requires web services to be enabled.

Please follow steps 1 to 6 from http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Using_web_services and use “eliademy” as shortname of newly added service. All Moodle Core webservices should be enabled. You can reach us at support@eliademy.com.

מקור: Eliademy (works with Moodle) – Android Apps on Google Play

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