ePortfolio – using Mahara with Moodle

Moodle with a side of ePortfolio (presentation and video recording)
Presenter : Kristina Hoeppner (New Zealand) 

Moodle is already a powerful course management system. You can extend its functionality in multiple ways. This presentation explores the possibilities of using Moodle in conjunction with the #ePortfolio and collaboration system Mahara that connects to your Moodle easily.

By using Mahara, your learners can create their own personal learning environments and also create portfolios that you can assess directly in Moodle.


Power to the Learner (presentation and video recording)
Presenter : Sigi Jakob-Kühn (Germany)

How to change Learning with an ePortfolio

Adding an ‘e’ to learning or changing from analog to digital does not necessarily mean better instruction or learning. To make learning successful and a lasting process there is more that needs to be changed.

In my presentation I would like to demonstrate how the group centered features of a Moodle course can be extended to individualized learning in a Mahara ePortfolio and how Mahara can empower individual learners to show their competencies, reflect about their learning and share results with specific target groups.


Above #Mahara and #Moodle presentations were given and are available on #BBB video recording @ the 2015 #Moodle #iMoot15 , see schedule.


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