Moodle development course

    • Here we cover the basic background of Moodle as a PHP app and its dependencies
    • Where to find everything in the project (Dev doc, dev forums, chats, tracker … not only what those things are but when you need them).
    • Tools that developers recommend to develop for Moodle (what and why and when)
  • How to start and manage development of your own Moodle plugin

Contents of the “Moodle Development” course include:

    • Moodle Development Process
    • Plugin Types
    • Developing a plugin
    • Language strings
  • Anatomy of a Moodle page
  • Simple Input\Output
  • Navigation and Settings
  • Querying the Database
  • Creating New Database Tables
  • Roles, Capabilities, Contexts
  • Forms API
  • Security
  • Acceptance Testing Using behat
  • Unit Testing Using phpunit
  • Handling Files
  • Templates
  • Javascript
  • Events and Logging
  • Web Services and AJAX
  • Backup and Restore
  • Cache API
  • Other Plugin Types
  • Further Reading and Resources

Source: Course: Moodle development course

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