MoodleBites: Theme Design Level 2 with Gareth Barnard

MoodleBites Theme Design Level 2

Updated for 2019 – for Moodle 3.6

If you are interested in continuing in Moodle Theme development, and have some development experience, experience with php, and experience with Moodle Themes, then this MoodleBites Theme Design Level 2 is for you!  You should have completed, or be familiar with the content of MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 before taking this advanced course.

This course is 3 weeks in duration, asynchronous, and completely online. Each week contains approximately 2-4 hours work, although this varies depending on your experience with Moodle and themes in general, and how much extension work you wish to complete.

The course is focused on adapting existing Themes (standard Themes and plugin Themes). After successfully completing this course:

  • You will understand how Moodle Themes really work.
  • You will be able to customise existing Themes.
  • You will be able to use simple debugging tools and understand important aspects of the Moodle Theme development and testing process.

There are no live sessions, but participants are encouraged to participate in forums and to share their practical work for others to see and learn from.  Note that for this course you should be using Moodle 3.5 or later.

Source: MoodleBites: MoodleBites Theme Design Level 2

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