Moodle Plugins Directory: Forum Graph

The Forum Graph Report analyse interactions in a single Forum activity and create a force-directed graph with the following features:

– Each node is a single user (node size depends on the no. of posts by the user).

– Each edge represent the interaction between 2 users (i.e. a user replied to another user post). Thickness indicating the no. of replies and arrow indicating who was repling.

– Force layout with draggable node.

– Two different node colours for teachers and students.

– Button to toggle the display of node label (user full name).

– Tooltip showing user full name, no. of discussions and no. of replies when rollovering node.

– Click on a node and a new window will popup showing the log (report_log in core Moodle) of the user posting/replying activities in the forum.

– A table summarising the total no. of discussions and replies in the forum, as well as the top three user who post the most.

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