Wax LRS and Zapier

Tracking Twitter mentions

Other services that work with Wax LRS

  • Salesforce.com CRM? Absolutely.
  • Go To Meeting integration? Oh yeah.
  • Twitter mentions, faves, and lists? Yup.
  • Forms for tracking observations? Done.
  • Trello cards and activity? Set it up.

Select the search term you want to track

Since we only want to track Wax LRS mentions, we need to select a search term for this Zap, we enter the @waxlrs Twitter handle.

Every time somebody mentions Wax LRS on Twitter, this Zap will automatically record a new Experience API statement to Wax LRS.

We’d like to track more about the mention as well, like the author and content of the tweet. To do that, we need to map specific Twitter information about the person, tweet, and other info to a new statement…

Email? Sure enough.

Here’s a demo for using Zapier with Wax LRS

ב-Wax LRS and Zapier.

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