Moodle iMoot full video recordings 2012-2014

What is iMoot?

iMoot is an annual event where the #Moodle community, practitioners, administrators and decision makers meet to share the best practice in online learning.

iMoot15 – Everyone Matters

The theme for this year’s iMoot is “Everyone matters!”

In our globalised world we see every day that successful solutions are those that include the contributions of all affected parties.

We want this year’s iMoot to be inclusive and open for participants from all kinds of backgrounds; be it trainer, teacher, administrator, developer or learners that want to share their Moodle stories.

We are aiming for anyone to participate in the iMoot that wants to, no matter their socioeconomic standing, age, ability, or the devices they use, because we know that successful Moodle use needs everybody.


So check out last years videos: Pukunui – YouTube.

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